How to Advocate


Advocacy versus Lobbying

Advocacy covers a range of activities which includes contact with people with influence on public policy and funding of those laws. Advocacy serves to educate lawmakers and policy-makers about issues. For the Washington State Academy, this means speaking out on behalf of our members, and asking our members to help in carrying out our mission.

Advocacy should not be confused with lobbying. Lobbying, as defined by the IRS, involves attempts to influence specific legislation at the local, state, or federal level. Direct lobbying includes in person meetings, telephone calls, letter writing, or emailing a lawmaker or their staff.

The Washington State Academy both advocates and lobbies for policies that benefit our members and the health of all Washingtonians. Advocacy and training people to be advocates is a central part of what the Washington State Academy does.

Ways to Get Involved
1.    Join the Washington State Academy at legislative day in the sping!
2.    Stay informed of the issues – you are the nutrition expert.
3.    Read policy articles in the Washington State Academy newsletter.
    a.    Get informed on the nutrition policies being discussed on local, state, and national levels
4. Complete ACTION ALERTS!
   a. You can make a differene by completing Action Alerts found on our Washington State Academy social media platforms, newsletters and on the Academy website
   b. We need your voice to elevate our practice at the national level and it only take a minute to complete!
4.    Stay aware of curent health issues in your state and nationally by subscribing to a major new paper, following their blog or joining their twitter feed.
5.    Testify at local hearings - tell them that you are an RDN and offer to be a resource for information on nutrition issues.
6.    Donate to ANDPAC the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Public Action Committee to support candidates who are pro-nutrition and health. 

WSAND President

Washington State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Welcome, members!

The 2024-2025 year presents various opportunities for you to engage and feel proud to be member of the WA Academy. As your President, I’m honored to serve you, and here to listen, learn, and collaborate with the board to meet your expectations. Tell us what you think - we want to hear from you!

Marissa Beck (2024-25 Washington State President)