Call for Nominations

2020 Call for Nominations!

Looking to get involved, make a professional difference and have fun?

By becoming a leader as an officer for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, you will be presented with a great opportunity to network with fellow nutrition professionals, make a difference, learn, and have fun!

Serving as an officer provides opportunities in the dietetics community to become involved and informed while meeting others from all over the state learning about what exciting events are happening in our community. You get the chance to be a part of new and innovative ideas that can really make a difference. While being an officer does take time, the benefits will be rewarding.

The 2020 board positions to be filled include President-elect, Secretary, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Director of Communications and Nominating Committee.  Please consider one (or more!) of these positions. 

To submit your information, please link here.

More on the positions:
President-Elect: Serves a total of three years, including President-Elect for one year, as President the following year, and then as Past President for one year.    o .
Secretary: Serves a two-year term as a voting member of the Executive Board.
Director of Communications:  Serves a two-year term as a voting member of the Executive Board. 

Director of Policy and Advoacy: Serves a three-year term as a voting member of the Executive Board. 
Nominating Committee Chair-Elect (1 position) and Committee Member (1 open position): Each serves a total of two years.  The candidate who received the highest number of votes becomes Nominating Committee Chair-Elect and serves as Nominating Committee Chair-Elect for one year and Chair the following year. The Chair serves as a voting member of the Executive Board.