North Sound Dietetic Association Meeting

  • Event
  • Sunday, May 05, 2019
3:00 p.m.
Lynnwood Library

The North Sound Dietetics Association and the Garden to Table Nutrition are bringing three out of state presenters who have personal experience with three different insular cultural groups, the Satmar Jewish community living in New York, the Amish living in Ohio, and the Hutterite living in South Dakota. They will share with you what they have learned from personal experience associating with those communities, and their research about these communities and things you should know to be a culturally competent dietitian in these communities.
This event is FREE and will take place at the Lynwood Library Large Meeting room 3 PM Sunday May 5th.

Sponsored by Garden To Table Nutrition Internships

1.5 CEU's for Dietitians and Diet Techs will be available after the event via email after answering a short quiz, CEU's are free to NSDA members. Cost for non-members $10.

You will learn about
The history of these communities arrival in the United States.
The unique lifestyles practice by these groups and the appropriate ways to address and interact with members of these groups.
The types of food eaten/not-eaten and healthcare beliefs
How the heath of members of these communities compares to other Americans.
The roles of men and women.
How to best provide these communities with appropriate healthcare considering their cultural and norms.

Which of those three communities have a collective economy (no personal wealth)
Which communities have a prohibition about women planting crops.
In which communities do men and women eat separately?
Which communities have a formal written language other than English?


Susie Fox - Internship Director for Garden to Table Nutrition Dietetic Internship
Tania Collazo - Food Service Director for home delivered meals and in-patient meals for Kosher residents and seniors in Roackaway New York
Morgan Vander Zee - Wellness Coach working in Siuox Falls South Dakota
Adam Walz - DTR working in WIC in Georgetown Ohio
Susie Fox
WSAND President

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