Become a Board Member

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

Members are an essential element at North Sound Dietetic Association (NSDA); without you, we couldn’t host our meetings! On behalf of the entire board, THANK YOU for your continued membership. Many of you have made it a point to continue your membership, even when you know you can’t attend meetings, as a matter of helping ensure we can remain solvent. Some of you have also generously donated time and money in support of the NSDA. Without all of you, where would we be? We cannot thank you enough for your support.

Another essential element for NSDAs wellbeing is having a full slate of board members. This year, our board met the bare minimum requirements, and many of us pulled double-duty to cover roles that weren’t filled for some or all of the year.

Please consider joining the board, or perhaps recommending someone you know to join. We simply can’t thrive without enough hands on deck to vet and recruit speakers; to recruit members and sponsors; and to participate in events that enrich both the RD community and communities at large.

Do you know anyone in any of the following scenarios? If so, please consider encouraging this person (or people) to consider giving back to the dietetics world with 1-2 years of service on the board.

  1. Do you know a student, intern or recent grad looking for experience that will give him an edge as he begins his career?

  2. Do you know a mother who is currently taking a break from the workforce, but wishes to remain current with the dietetics world?

  3. Are you recently retired, or drawing near retirement?

  4. Are you able to give some of your energy toward a volunteer cause?

  5. Do you have any colleagues who have not had an opportunity to give back to the dietetics world?

All of these scenarios, and many more, are where a new board member may be found. That person may be you!

Benefits of joining the NSDA board:

  1. You will enjoy enhanced visibility among your colleagues and in the community;

  2. You will enjoy expanded networking opportunities;

  3. You will build and enhance leadership skills;

  4. You will have ample opportunities to build new skills;

  5. You will improve your resume;

  6. You will better understand team and project management;

  7. Opportunities to advance to other leadership positions within the Washington State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (WSAND).

Positions we are looking to fill ASAP:

  1. President-Elect (2 year position)

  2. Student Board Members (2 are needed)

  3. Nominating Committee (2 people are needed)

  4. Community Liasion (1-2 people are needed)

To submit your interest for this position, please email and submit a resume and/or your statement of interest.

We look forward to your continued support in helping us fill the board positions.

As this season draws to a close and we prepare to break for the summer, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve on the NSDA board the last two years. I have greatly enjoyed connecting with so many of our members, and I believe I have formed lasting bonds with my fellow board members. It is is privilege that has helped me grow both professionally and personally. Thank you for allowing me to be here!

With Warm and Fond Regards,

Frances Arnold, RDN

NSDA President 2016-2017