Volunteer Opportunities

Arlington Community Food Bank is looking for volunteer educators for food bank participants.

Please see their request below: 

We are looking for volunteers who would be willing to prepare food items we have available at the food bank for the participants to sample. The food bank would provide the food.  If anyone would like this wonderful opportunity to reach out to these families, they can contact Mary Chesney either by e-mail or phone. Her e-mail is mches92494@aol.comand  her phone is 360-435-4752.


The food bank is open to participants on Monday and Friday (except holidays) from noon to 1 PM and on Wednesday evenings (except holidays) from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. 
They have three primary audiences of users:
First are families from various parts of the United States whose primary language is English. Their food likes are not specific to any culture. 2. The second group is Latino families who come from Mexico, South America and other Spanish language countries. They may or may not have good English language skills. 
Our third audience is immigrants from Russian and the Ukraine who may have limited English-speaking skills. Our challenge is helping this heterogeneous population understand how to prepare some of the different foods we receive at the food bank. The Latino families know what to do with tripe and the Russian/Ukraine families are familiar with cabbage but neither of these groups understands how to prepare the other’s food, nor are they about to try since they have no idea of the taste of the final product. The same could be said of our U.S. born English speaking families.


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