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Margaret Hill, RD

        Margaret Hill, RD was a soft spoken, knowledgeable and dedicated registered dietitian who was a life-long member of the American Dietetic Association, (now known as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics). Margaret obtained her degree from McMinnville College in Oregon and did her dietetic internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.
       Shirley Sellers remembers meeting Margaret in 1949, when Shirley was a dietetic intern in Portland, Oregon.  Shirley considered Margaret a friend and colleague for over 40 years; Shirley fondly describes Margaret as good natured, soft spoken, knowledgeable and a gracious woman.
       Theresa Roberts admired Margaret’s allegiance to her profession in attending the Washington-Oregon State Dietetics meeting when Margaret was not well enough to attend without the aid of her husband. Theresa recalls the look of determination on Margaret’s smiling face when she saw them walking hand in hand on the beach. 
       To illustrate Margaret’s dedication to dietetics, in the last days of her life, Margaret struggled with the decision to maintain her ADA membership. Sue Streich recalls Margaret did not want to abandon the organization that had meant so much to her.   Sara Eickerman recollects Margaret’s faithful commitment to a well baby clinic in South East Yakima, during the 1970’s. The volunteer health care team was lead by a Yakima County Public Health Nurse and the team included a Pediatrician, Nurse and Dietitian; weekly the team provided care to low income families.  Margaret recruited Sara and other health care professionals to staff the clinic. 
       Another project that Margaret enlisted Sara’s skills for was the role of a judge at the Yakima County Fair. For years, Margaret dedicated time each fall to serve as a judge for the Fair’s baked and canned foods. 
      Ann Aldous remembers Margaret as an outstanding mentor; Margaret mentored Ann at the clinics in South East Yakima. Ann recalls Margaret always having a kind word to say and a smile on her face plus Margaret’s ability to relate to her clients.  Margaret graciously hosted many YVDA meetings in her home. Margaret was recognized by Washington State Home Economics Association as the Outstanding Home Economist for 1989.  The Washington State Dietetic Association’s Convention was held in Yakima approximately every 4 years and the YVDA members were responsible for the convention. To YVDA member’s relief, Margaret readily accepted responsibilities of registration for the State Dietetic Convention.  Mary Jo Mengarelli remembers when the YVDA scholarship was being created, Paula Hudon recommended YVDA honor Margaret for her life-long dedication to the profession of dietetics; the vote was unanimous from Margaret’s colleagues.

Margaret’s immediate family included her husband, a son and a daughter. In addition to her commitment to dietetics, Margaret worked with her husband in his dental practice. Margaret passed in 1997.            (Biographical sketch by MJ Mengarelli, RD, CD; September 2014)

Memories of Margaret Hill, RD provided by:

Ann Aldous, RD                    Mary Jo Mengarelli, RD, CD
Jo Clark Donahoo, RD          Theresa (Berquist) Roberts, RD,CD
Sara Eickerman, RD             Shirley Sellers, RD
                            Sue Streich, RD                

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