Student Scholarship in Honor of Emma Penhallegon

This is a $750.00 scholarship sponsored by the Washington Dietetics in Health Care Communities organization (WA-DHCC).  The scholarship has been established in honor of Emma Penhallegon, a retired dietitian of 45 years, who was a consultant for 22 years.  Emma acted as the Editor of the Washington State Consultant Dietitians in Health Care Facilities Newsletter for eight years and provided continuity and networking for the organization.

This scholarship is designed to assist the undergraduate, or graduate, in pursuit of education in the field of nutrition and dietetics; and to support research by those practicing dietetics.

Criteria for Application:

The applicant must be either:

          a.   Currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student in the field of nutrition and/or dietetics
          b.   Accepted in, or currently enrolled in a dietetic internship program.

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Applications are due (must be postmarked) by March 15.  Please contact the Scholarship Chair at  with questions.  Scholarship recipient will be notified by April 15 and money will be distributed by September 30. Please submit completed application to

We appreciate your help in spreading the word about this scholarship.  Click here to download scholarship fliers for dissemination purposes.