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Weight Management
From the Academy:
• Defining Overweight and Obese
What a Healthy Weight Loss Plan Really Looks Like
Forget Low-Fat and Low-Sugar, Concentrate on Healthy Eating Pattern
• Sticking with It! Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Other Resources:
Do No Harm: Moving Beyond Weight Loss to Emphasize Physical Activity At Every Size - CDC
The Best Diet: Quality Counts - Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
• Assessing Your Weight (BMI Calculator) – CDC
• Google-Map Pedometer
• Strategies for Success – Nutrition.gov
• WIN, Weight-control Information Network - NIH

Sports Nutrition
From the Academy:
• Fueling Your Workout
Protein and the Athlete - How Much Do You Need?
• Building Muscle on a Vegetarian Diet

Other Resources:
• Sports and Nutrition Fact Sheets – Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Dietetic Practice Group (SCAN-DPG)
• Working with a Sports Nutritionist - Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Dietetic Practice Group (SCAN-DPG)

Recipes & Cooking Tips
From the Academy:
• Cooking for One or Two
Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings
• Food Styling Tips to get Kids to Eat Healthful Foods
Exploring Aromatics
• Tips for Choosing a Nutrient-Rich Diet
• 5 Myths About Building a Healthy Vegetarian Meal

Other Resources:
 Food & Nutrition Magazine
• Food-a-Pedia – USDA Supertracker
• Recipes, Cookbooks and Menus - MyPlate, USDA
• Healthy Recipes –Mayo Clinic
• Healthy Dining Finder
• Supermarket Savvy
• Today’s Dietitian (Magazine)
• Vegetarian Nutrition – Vegetarian Dietetic Practice Group (VDPG)

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