Public Policy Team Info

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Policy Action Framework

The Academy's Policy Action Team consists of many volunteers!  Here's an overview of both the Academy's & Washington State's information:

Grassroots Network: This consists of the Academy's members nationwide who represent and act as liaisons to other members in their state and/or congressional district.
This includes all Washington State members!

Director, Policy and Advocacy: Serves as a team leader for the policy team. 
Washington State's Director of Policy and Advocacy is Alexa Halling, MS, RD.

Public Policy Coordinator (PPC): Serves as a key connection/conduit between the Academy's government relations and grassroots leaders on the Academy public policy stances and processes. Coordinates Public Policy Workshop visits to policy makers.  Communicates the Academy's nationwide and federal issues to Washington State and affiliates. This member serves on the Public Policy Panel.
Washington State's PPC is Nicole Stendell-Hollis, PhD, MS, RDN.

State Policy Representative (SPR): Communicates local policy issues and Academy policy priorities to Washington State and affiliates. Coordinates appointments with state contacts (i.e. governor's office, state health officials, state legislatures). 
Washington State's SPR position is open - email us for details on this opportunity.

State Regulatory Specialist (SRS):  Responsible for tracking state legislative and regulatory issues of importance to RDs and DTRs. Also monitors and tracks work with the state agencies managed by the governor.  

Washington State's SRS is open - email us for details on this opportunity.

Consumer Protection Coordinator (CPC): Responsible for monitoring consumer protection issues and their impact in our state licensure and certification statute.
Washington State's CPC is Star Flower, DTR.

Reimbursement Chair: The Reimbursement Chair is responsible for working with the Academy and monitoring related issues.
Washington State's Reimbursement Chair is Terri Fox, RDN, CDE, CD.

ANDPAC: The Academy's political action committee. The Academy's PAC collects funds to be donated to political candidates who support the Academy's priorities.

The Academy's Policy Initiatives and Advocacy Team staff: This group of the Academy staff members located in both the Washington and Chicago offices works on food nutrition and health issues to influence policy at the federal, state and local levels.